8 thoughts on “simple quiet

  1. Brad says:

    ‘Tis a lovely creation. Now I must retrieve my head from the clouds. Excuse me … see you again soon.


    Brad … i’m not sure we ever get our heads back once the clouds get in there *grin … good to see you and thanks for such a lovely comment!


  2. Cynthia says:

    eeeew! yumyum…i love the taste of
    this one on my tongue. how eecummings


    *heh …. much of my poetry is uncapped/punctuated … it’s there, of course, between the lines and reader’s breath .. readers should trust themselves more in this regard rather than depend on rules … imo … i’m thrilled that you savoured the full taste of this .. really so, as you’re an excellent writer yourself, dear lady!


  3. Ario says:

    As ever I have little to add. There is not a word too many and there is lots of music in here. I simply enjoy reading it. I like the way it carries me higher above the everyday debris in the sky to a higher Zen plane. It’s peaceful. It reminds me of Twinkle, twinkle, little star, still my daughter’s favourite bedtime lullaby. This reads like a lullaby for adults – in a good way, I certainly don’t mean it’s sleep-inducing or anything! 🙂


    oh wow, zen-like? thank you! i seem to have written a few complexities of late but simple, as-is-now moments are engulfing and, as you say, peaceful …
    i adore that this put you in mind of that lullaby … that was my favourite too … actually it was the only one i even liked at all lol … *prodding Ario … just checking!!


  4. Chico Mahalo says:

    those magpies will no doubt bring your work good luck…
    reads like a right of passage…
    so economical…
    can i make you in charge of my finances?


    *LOL … word economy is the only kind i have a grasp of .. hence i share a broken den with many cats … but we all have wonderfully glitzy flea collars! your visit is much appreciated, kind of unexpected and i feel like i should get the best crockery out .. but i lost it in a big crash …

    every day’s a rite of passage, eh?

    there’s a heavy dose of girlee wish-think going on too *grin

    thank you, Chico …


  5. brushstrokes, you sweep us along the canvas with your words; fine craftmanship here shell. wow, i’m very impressed with how in such small words you manage to paint so much.


    thanks, Sarah! when sky is the muse i’m not sure my words could ever do justice to the Immensity of Life and that sense of “wow, i’m soooo small compared to this” … then i realised that comparison is so NOT it … connection is … simply so …


  6. Paul says:

    “whole heap of mad (Kerouac style)”, ring a bell? Sorry this is a comment on a previous wonderful poem not this beautiful archway one. I have been exploring linkages and stumbled across a Ms Heller who is also a fantastically wonderful poet.


    ohhhh my, you’ve done well if you’ve found that poem! LOL … stashed on my geocities site? that i haven’t kept up with? lol ….. so much stuff on that site and poetically some of it is very …. i’ll be kind to myself and say raw, undeveloped … au naturelle perhaps *splutter …. i was pleased with “heap of mad” though …. thank you, Paul, for braving the linkage quest and for such a lovely comment!


  7. johemmant says:

    Gorgeous….your writing is always fantastic. The alliteration in the first stanza is wonderful and then it shifts, moves into softer language…..where are you/asleep in stars is beautiful. Thanks for the lovely comment on my collaborative efforts by the way *grin*.


    i’m glad you liked the shift … from outer noise to inner soft … and you are sooo welcome, Jo – in fact you darn well earned it! lol – what you did there in your writing is absolutely FANTASTIC!


  8. Paul says:

    Oh so perfectly made, Shell. Draws the eye like a painting upward, across the bridge and the settling so softly at the end. Wonderfully made like a peace of jewellery art poem painting,


    awww thank you, Paul … i’m glad you saw the movement going on here … i dunno if it’s all that great a poem, it’s more a girlee *sigh* moment *heh … but your tender comment brought me a smile and that’s always precious …


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