unnameable …

unnameable read by Shell

in a deliciously strange way this poem was inspired by gingatao’s post on art and passion. you can find it here …

So come on, Lord, give it to me
tempest style, hips ’n’ ravens
flying fast and furious.
I know you like bravado style,
full-on performance art,
flames and magic twirling
wheat ‘n’ chaff all-ways;
still, it took us all to shaft
that one, didn’t it?

Not so easy meat that one,
there are problems with duality
and gifts like that, well,
let’s just say it’s lucky that all
artists crave extinction.
So come on, Lord, give it to me.

What are you thinking now,
right this haloed moment?
Maybe we could do it over latte?

6 thoughts on “unnameable …

  1. maelinat says:

    Fluid, and so loving. Thank you.


    yes yes yes .. despite the sarcasm and whatever, this is about and of love … always .. thank you for seeing that!


  2. Paul says:

    Yayyaya, more standing ovation. You couldn’t have chosen two better poems for reading. The sounds in the first and the wonderful dancing rhythms in this one. You are fantastic. Woohoooo,

  3. […] i’ve tried light entertainment & unnameable « […]

  4. Noah says:

    Good work!


    Thanks, Noah!


  5. Paul says:

    Yaya, it pinged back. Cool I got to read it again. I forgot to warn you that sometimes a link to me can mysteriously eventuate in fewer comments. Sorry. I will make up for it by saying that is a fantastical work of linkage art as well as a wonderful poem.


    LOL … i’m sooo glad the wordpress pixies got their act together when i feverishly clicked whatever i fancied at the time! fewer comments? ahhh, i was thinking my heathen whirl (i so love that h word!) might distress some readers so i cannot believe a link to you would increase blood pressures .. oh, wait .. maybe …. *grin …. is there red wine in the Void of NoComment??


  6. Paul says:

    Woohoo, that is a wild swirling dance poem and a lovely bringing it back to the world ending. A deliciously heathen and wonderful poem.


    yayyyyy! i’m thrilled that you liked it, Paul!! Heathen .. now that’s a GREAT word!! Thank you for this gorgeous approval and for letting me link to your post … i don’t know how to do that pingback thing .. thought i did, but nope .. ha! … soooo hope this works ok as is … *grin …. S

    oh. apparently pingback knows what to do all by itself. cool, eh? *scratches head and wonders where the mammoths went …


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