8 thoughts on “explanatory

  1. Ario says:

    *hug back.

    No reason you should be going it alone. I’ve had to learn myself to let myself fall and trust be caught when it’s necessary. I hope it’s also okay for you. You just take care there.

  2. Ario says:

    Oh sucks.

    Do get better soon and spoil yourself / let yourself be spoiled.

    Take care.

    dear Ario, the warmth of your words just made contact … i’m so stubborn, used to going it alone … right now is challenging me on that in many ways .. and actually, it’s kinda … ok, isn’t it?
    Thank You … *hugs


  3. hope you’ll feel better soon. i hope the weather keeps you in good spirits. the rains here in my country, i know, are no match for sickness. wish you well with lots of bright sunshine!


    thsank you so much for coming here, Sarah! Your comments are sooo good for me .. thank you!


  4. Glad you are back and feeling better. 🙂



    ohhh Beaman! so very good to see you and thank you … i wasn’t sure where you’d gone, if you’d gone .. you know how it goes *grin … S


  5. janetleigh says:

    Hi, Shell *wave* I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been ill and wish you a speedy recovery; hope it’s nothing serious. I’m finally back after an extended absence due to my computer up and dying. My hubbybubba travels alot and was away on business trips and couldn’t spare the time to get me up and running until just the other day. Unfortunately, this means I have a horrendous backlog of things to do on-line aside from my blogging fun, so please have patience with me; I’ll be coming back to catch up on everything YOU and you better be well when I get back! (just kidding, take your time, get well good). Thanks for letting us know your situation so prayers can go up, too. Ciao for now *wave*


    Janet – your message here made me smile and feel … well, loved … you’ve lifted my spirits more than you can know … which may be a nonsense because i think you DO know .. so treble thanks, dear lady …. and eerrgghh! about your ‘puter mishaps … bless you for the prayers … i feel so much better today and truly think i’m back from wherever i half went … thank you … *hugs*


  6. Shell says:

    ohhh bless you, Paul & Noah … thank you .. i’m getting better … truly so … currently anaemic after the week from hell but every day sees me stronger … and up to my knees in odd lines that de-materialise when i try to catch ’em *humph … xx

  7. Noah says:

    You better get better, damn it.

  8. Paul says:

    Oh no, get better soon. But at least you haven’t vanished, that is good news. Get well,

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