nothings #6

“don’t forget …”
voice already spilling into shadow’s current, spreading,
merging with a starrish sky, pointed saviours far away.

“me. now …”
in the hum of blindsight’s thrall, be knotstill and listen.

5 thoughts on “nothings #6

  1. It’s the knot that will do you in.


    well said indeed, Mollie … *smiles*


  2. giantshadows says:

    you should write more.


    *heh … it’s like trying to catch echoes lately … i’m glad that you’re still here, giant .. thank you


  3. Paul says:

    Hello, you have written this beautiful beautiful don’t forget me poem and then disappeared. I have not forgotten you. I miss you.

  4. Noah says:

    Ooh, I’d love to hear more.


    so would i, but will Muse say more? ha! glad you enjoyed this, Noah ….. S


  5. Paul says:

    Beautiful bird song over the ocean poem. Unforgettable,


    you definitely sussed the heart of this, Paul .. thank you … *smiles … S


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