The pact flesh makes to disappear
frees wyrd from rib,
sweet curve of subtle cage
craves nothing
but its own destruction.

Cold end touch of wordless bone,
so barely intimate,
is nothing
but an echo of this kiss.
Sun’s dust embraces wind.

inspired by easystreet prompt #161

12 thoughts on “fate

  1. Paul says:

    Something almost exactly like that I would say, losing self in the process and paradoxically finding a ‘bigger’ self, that is a perfect expression of that idea/processthingy. Then a bit of conscious craft or technique thrown in, voila, wonderful poetry like your


    ohhh bless ya, Paul .. it’s marvellous that we’re in atunement about it … thank you! S


  2. Paul says:

    The two poems could almost be the two lovers, reflections of each other. Every time I see that photo I just disappear into the thought of it.


    It is an extremely evocative image, isn’t it? I’m stunned at the heart-zingingly clear connection you made between the two versions …. the kind that happens unconsciously when writing, perhaps? Then, when pointed out, this becomes “why didn’t i think of that?” LOL

    I’m thrilled that you’ve enjoyed these poems, Paul … i loved writing them and that’s it isn’t it? To be in love with awesome moments of creation, lose self in the process and, almost paradoxically, find a bigger self touched by somewhere “else” … something like that anyway *heh


  3. […] have been too tired to hear muse clearly so, nudged (boot in backside style) by dear J, i turned this into an almost bearable […]

  4. Shell says:

    Thank you so much for reading and enjoying, Anna! I will certainly visit your sites and appreciate greatly your link to this blog.

  5. Anna says:

    Hello, I have a poetry website and blog, and I would like to know if you would be interested in exchanging links.

    I have linked to your site from:

    Free Poems.


    Poem Poem Poem

    If you would like to link back, that would be great!

    I have also created a blog where you can register and publish your own poems and stories. I would love to have your contributions if you are so inclined. The blog is

    Your Poems Your Stories.

  6. Shell says:

    sooo good to see you here, Caroline – i can’t believe i’ve had the comments set wrong for so long *double doh …

    i’m thrilled if you enjoyed this … it seems from your delightful take/s on the picture that we were both responding to that deep call of otherness, that essence of love that is only hinted at materially, quickly blown to smithereens by the Real stuff that can’t be bought or manufactured …

    i too pondered other reasons for why these two might have been placed as they are … but decided that i much preferred the eternal union thing … in love with Love, i am *wry grin .. shame about the rest lol


    Ario – me a techie? *splutters red wine down nose in less than dignified manner … actually i think a Dutch accent (musical, no?) would add a wonderful lilt to this but:

    a) you’re right, i think it requires software (will explore)
    b) i totally understand why you wouldn’t wish to do it even if i begged and begged … *grin

    bank holiday was last w/end but rumour has it there’s another on the way … i’m sooo hoping i get a chance to sunbathe soon …

    hmmm .. this small font in reply is beginning to get to me … grrr …

  7. Caroline says:

    🙂 thanks so much for fixing the comments! I’ve been wanting to comment.
    That photo inspired me on Feb 14 2007 – here – the image remains haunting.

    I love your words and the depth that each one carries. And now, I can tell you!


  8. I thought you were the techie here? 🙂 I have recently bought a microphone after much pestering by my family to get connected with Skype or something. That I can handle now. But doesn’t one need special software or something to record stuff?

    I’m not sure if you want me to read your lovely poem, though. Me and my mangled Dutch accent could never do it justice 😉

    Hope you’re having a good weekend. Do you have a bank holiday over there in the UK too?

  9. Shell says:

    Ario – i’m so happy you like this, nay love it too! It would be cool to hear you read this aloud … i’m way too shy to do it and if i have a mic it’s buried in the filing cabinet … PLUS i’ve no idea how to make those kind of files anyway … lol … let me know, i’m serious … as ever you’re spot on with how you interpreted too!

    Anyhow, yes, your response to the image was very different; yours is a delight, abstracting a vision of intimate sharing and everyday stuff that’s hurled into the surreal because of the pic and its implications … moments can live beyond us i think …

    Jo – Thank you for your wonderful response … and you’re welcome!

    Noah – you made me smile with your response … i’m glad the poem did *that to you!

  10. noahthegreat says:


  11. johemmant says:

    Beautiful, especially sweet curve of subtle cage. (And thanks for your lovely comments on my poem.)

  12. I love it. I love whispering your poems out loud, I must admit – it does more justice to their musicality than just reading them in silence.

    Picking up on the karma/zen/buddhist thing over at mine, am I mistaken in reading a similar theme here? That’s certainly how I interpret it.

    Interesting how the same photo inspires different reactions, isn’t it? 😉

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