only just (a sonnet)

In cloudy dreams night-nevers torment most,
inspire a lightning rush of heart to skin.
This earthy pressure sighs too much for lost
night-crow, tearing sleep apart. Stars spin

me close to you, whole-blooded. Take my flight
then, from this dark, sweet only-ever. Speak
in rainy morning tones. Dare keenest light
and make a move on one who dares to seek.

Your cigarette weeps heat and hazes thought,
blush paints a faint horizon in my eye.
Lover, morn me well. See spark rise uncaught
yet only, always, just within your sky.

Smoke teases cloudy sleep but leaves no trace
on earthen dream, no scar in flesh. Just grace.

7 thoughts on “only just (a sonnet)

  1. Shell, one line just doesn’t resonate, but it is forgiveable in such a marvellous verse: “See spark rise uncaught” might be better amended to “See spark arise uncaught” Otherwise it is HUGE!


    welcome, Ivan, long time no see, eh? Thanks for reading this and enjoying it too! yeah, “arise” might sound better but i’d have to knock out a syllable … i’d probably make that line read “morn me well, lover, sparks arise uncaught” .. something like that anyway *grin


  2. the first line caught me, lured me in. i think it might have even stolen half a breath. i love the whole poem, but i want to highlight to you how the first line is that powerful – that i had to let go of my cursor over the scrollbar and continue reading the poem. “nevers torment most” – man, this is really going to be on repeat in my head for a while. its a masterpiece.


    mrs. sarah OTT .. i’m speechless! Thank you for the most wonderful of comments …. i adored hearing how this affected you. In truth the honour is to whatever “that” space is. The one we enter when the moment’s right, when senses are more than 5 or even 6. I guess we’d call it Muse Ether or something. I believe the reader is as much a part of that as the writer … so Thank You for going “there” with me!


  3. Maria says:

    Your cigarette weeps heat and hazes
    thought. Lovely


    Thank you, Maria!

  4. giantshadows says:

    yup. that just confirmed it. i am officially a Shell fan. what a fantastic poem.


    oh darn it, shadows, now you made me blush! thank you for enjoying this, for being moved … it’s deeply personal and i wasn’t sure about posting it .. you know, heart on screen and all that? *grin

  5. Shell says:

    thanks nathan! i’m no musician but a poem has a sound, apart from voice, and though it’s beyond me to know what the heck is going on, i try to follow and scribe *grin

  6. nathan1313 says:

    The sounds in this poem echo and roll. It’s very very good. I really like the line “Dare keenest light
    and make a move on one who dares to seek.” The variation of vowels is like a song.

  7. […] 4, 2008 And over here, in case you missed it, a beautiful and accomplished sonnet by Shell. […]

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