junk male


you have made it
to the final round
of men who
think no
must be paid for

any way

your commitment
to this cause
is noted though
it cost you

every yes
that truly matters.

8 thoughts on “junk male

  1. poeticgrin says:

    Found this poem through Paul’s Legends of Contemporary Poetry anthology, and I am glad I did. I *really* think this is excellent work. Such a powerhouse in so few lines. Bravo.

  2. Noxy says:

    Simply perfect. Love the notion that “nos” are paid for by missed, meaningful “yeses” making it a zero sum game, eh? Maybe not a game at all come to think of it. Thank you for this one.


    you so got it, Nox, thank you! *huge grin


  3. lol to the ‘psycho magnet’ thing Shell lol. well i definetly enjoyed the piece, especially the end. it is powerful and the author is strong in the sarcasm and wise with word choice. its very controlled.


    your presence here, Sarah, is always a joy. I’m delighted you enjoyed this and picked up on its rather snarky sarcasm *grin … humans are such a mess, eh?


  4. Shell says:

    ohhh, Paul … don’t ever be intimidated by me/words … my fury’s long to rouse but always targetted specifically so innocents aren’t ever harmed *grin .. i’m not a gender hater … have just got the arrow above my soul saying “psycho magnet” .. lol …

    i’m honoured that you enjoyed this (ok, maybe “enjoyed” isn’t the right word) and doubly so if you’ve included it in your anthology … i think it could be loads better but in truth don’t wish to revisit such venom .. ’twas an exorcism of sorts …


  5. Paul says:

    I have read this I don’t know how many times, Shell. And just been too intimidated to comment. That is how good this poem is as it leaps out of the page into the mind. I want to preserve it as a moment of pure word from screen artistry.

  6. janetleigh says:

    I can definitely feel your anger here and I love the rapier twist ending. The title is perfect, too.. ;>

    I’m happy you enjoyed this, Janet … your comments are always sooo uplifting … thank you!

  7. noahthegreat says:

    I love the eggcorn!

    * lol .. it isn’t the greatest of poems but it had to be done, if only so i could use that “eggcorn” .. sheesh, i had to look it up to find out what that meant! Thanks for the read, Noah, always appreciated … S

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