fever burned strange dream
on lead-weight cloth, impression
torn in half – it should be art
but for the dark – and you:

mistress of so many dying names
tangled in beautific smile,
unaware the shaken monolith of
bones behind awaits your own.

6 thoughts on “karmic-ally

  1. giantshadows says:

    congrats on getting into the PWB Poetry Collection.

    “shaken monolith of bones”


  2. Sara says:

    I’m digging thispoem. I am going to include it in PWB’s July Poetry Collection, posted July 13th. Thanks for being a part of PWB.


    ohh, thank you, Sara! i’m delighted that you liked this so much! bless you for the work you put in on PWB to keep us all inspired and energised!


  3. Shell says:

    heyyy, Janet .. i’m totally elated that you saw the half (quarter??) rhymes in the sound-work here … they were in your comment too (but fully, LOL)

    I won’t spoil it by describing what triggered it because i’d like to think this poem spun its own path and ventured way beyond my starting point …

  4. janetleigh says:

    This is sublime; beautiful half-rhyme, and as Ario mentions above, there’s something about that lead-weight cloth. The last 2 killer lines… enigmatic, indeed..:)

  5. Shell says:

    I had a wonderfully quiet Easter, Ario – thank you for asking! Hopefully you had a lovely time too? I know you’re working like crazy at the moment as well …

    I hadn’t fully realised how exhausted i was – hence the delirious nature of this poem, perhaps? *heh

    I’m so happy that you enjoyed this. Its origins were quite specific but I wanted to open it up … saying “I” is silly though – muse made the poem while I scurried along, trying to transcribe something close to what she was on about .. *grin

  6. Hope you had a good Easter, Shell πŸ™‚

    I love this little gem of a poem I must say, especially the vivid opening image. lead-weight cloth is a particularly stark image.

    But the rest is just as good. It twists and changes upon rereading. It’s enigmatic and I like the way it keeps shifting.

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