dis : located

in your absence
i read spam : unmaled

trash silent on
the subject
that enchants : you

so passion waits
for the return

red dust in my : eye
makes rain of pillow talk

6 thoughts on “dis : located

  1. Shell says:

    noah – i’m delighted you enjoyed this … thank you for visiting and for commenting!

  2. noahthegreat says:

    This is awesome.

  3. Shell says:

    ohhh a comment from you, Ario! *huge smile* … i’m glad you enjoyed this … and no, i’m not on a sabbatical from blogging … just exhausted due to work and having a totally life-threatening cold *grin

    as a result i have failed to listen well to the muse … *delirious sneeze* .. muse is not amused!

    perhaps i ought to swirl all the one liners onto the screen and see what happens? lol

    and voila! your gentle nudging drove me to work with a horrific dream image that is burned into memory forever now … don’t know if it’s turned out too abstract but there it is … thanks, Ario … sometimes i need and appreciate a push!

  4. makes rain of pillow talk is just such a great ending to such a rich and suggestive poem.

    Just wondering, though. But are you also on a sabbatical from blogging ;)?

  5. Shell says:

    if my writing works as well as you say in your wonderful comment then i’m truly honoured … seeing our own stories in another’s is special … i believe the reader is as much a creator as the scribe, the final flourish, a communion of sorts … thank you, Kumiko, you’ve made me smile inside …

  6. Kumiko says:

    For some reason your words have a way of telling a story I can’t. Some of your posts are so very recognizable.

    I admire your talent….

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