delayed response

no leaves

just confusing
etched on glass
through frost

or freedom

that fine line
on whitest skin

just your truth

lying on
blank ground
yes. leave

4 thoughts on “delayed response

  1. Shell says:

    It wasn’t a prompt, Janet, just an experiment placing real and surreal together as a reflective mirror thing. And the delicious icy opposition of “no leaves” versus “yes, leave” …

    It began when i scraped off gorgeous ice patterns from my car .. they were frozen hieroglyphics and I was awed by Natural truth.

    In contrast, my last disastrous relationship was infused with the opposite so this became a slightly bitter recognition poem (hence the title) …

    I chose the list/headline format to enable readers to re-arrange any/everything according to their own mood .. cold-snap-imagery and thought kind of thing … is this making any sense at all? lol

    In any case, i’m very, very happy if you enjoyed! Thank you so much for your wonderfully supportive comments … i get overly self-critical at times … *wry grin*

  2. janetleigh says:

    Is this one of those community prompts, Shell? I think I understand the concept, because it works beautifully no matter how I read it..:) Outstanding – from my point of view, but this is a cold call.. ;>

  3. Shell says:

    this is definitely one that had a distinct voice … it teased me right up to clicking that publish button *grin … your amazing comment has touched me deeply, Ario .. thank you *everso smiling here*

  4. Music and imagery just interact perfectly here.

    I keep coming back to this. It’s heart-stopping.

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