he looked a bit like you;
studying red wine,
concentration undeterred by
friday’s rush to feed
unruly hordes.

his gaze interrogated every
sigh of colour
in advance of later when

she might look a bit like me;
a blushing haze, spilled
wine in your lake.

5 thoughts on “intensity

  1. Shell says:

    ohh bless ya miles away! i’m happy you enjoyed this, really so …

  2. i thought this was lovely. 🙂

  3. Shell says:

    Thank you Janet and dear Ario … a blushingly personal poem but ahh well, the spirit of love is all, eh?

    I’m truly, truly thrilled that you both enjoyed this *smiles*

  4. This is one to savour, to drown in. Precise and tender and ambiguous. Yes, this is gorgeous.

    Oh and. Thanks for your comment over at mine by the way. It means a lot.

  5. janetleigh says:

    Hi, Shell. Wish I’d visited sooner than this, I see how much I’ve missed. I’ll be back to try to catch up.

    I was pulled into this poem with the first line. There’s some really good lines here:

    “his gaze interrogated every sigh of colour”

    and especially,

    “blushing haze, a shiver in your lake.”

    gorgeous. just gorgeous writing.

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