nothings #4

Six years ago we smiled and talked anew of hammer drills and trucks, the grand design and beloved demons. Two hundred miles changed everything. It’s weird how I felt nothing when your heart stopped.
How the steady pulse of rain on road still travels through dark hands.

3 thoughts on “nothings #4

  1. janetleigh says:

    Having read your explanation above, makes your writing even more stark and haunting. I’m truly sorry for this loss of friend.

  2. Shell says:

    Ohh thank you for reading this, bohemienne. In my typically obstruse way, i was anniversarising someone who meant a cosmos or two to me. He died while i drove those 200 miles. I don’t believe in death, not as a finality, but still … sometimes it makes me sad too.

  3. bohemienne says:

    This made me sad. Distance can change everything.

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