nothings #2


They think you’re dead. Dust on the ocean. Fish food now.

Dead has four letters, one repeat so three. And dea isn’t a word in English so it’s incomplete or something else. A prelude maybe.

Always has six letters, one repeat so five. Not counting decades of linguistic change – they change numbers and geometry. All wayes. Not even just one word, hey?

Then there’s the big bad book. Now that nails mind and perspective to a fishing rod destined to stay empty. Some bait, huh? Do fish count the days to their next meal?

Forget the words and numbers.
Everything is lost if translation lacks a heart.

You don’t have to try that hard to see a full moon all the time no matter what the quadrant says.

By the way, life has four letters. No repeats. Soul food for the gods?

3 thoughts on “nothings #2

  1. Oh I really enjoyed this one. Never realised there was numerology involved, though…

    Just liked the slightly cheeky tone of it 🙂

  2. Shell says:

    or evil like live? sheesh, don’t get me in reverse lol

    thank you atoms, i’m thrilled you liked this …

    i think the concept’s good – if i knew more about numerology, perhaps it could have been even better but magnificent will make me smile for ages!

  3. angryatoms says:

    magnificent. the numbers juxatoped to the images. evil like heaven.

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