so …

your place:
minimalist cold with
half truths’
mumble, glossing over
could-a never-beens
hiding from the dread
full rain

or mine
among untidy words
jousting for the couch,
climbing walls
to dance on ceilings

shadows flower, straggle
in flamboyant
mis-matched verse,
unkempt and without care
for staid perfection.
petals listen for the rain,
recall every fall.

5 thoughts on “so …

  1. Shell says:

    i’m over a moon (somewhere beyond andromeda) that you enjoyed this, absolutely …

    thanks, Kumiko!

  2. Kumiko says:

    really enjoy reading your poetry 😉

  3. this is wonderful!
    more please. 🙂

  4. Shell says:

    i’m thrilled if you simply enjoyed this; it was exactly as you saw, sadly humorous – life, eh? *wry grin

    thank you so much, scribe, for visiting – i love your comments!

    and goodness, is the font in this comment box small or what?? lol

  5. This is a great poem. I like the way it’s been structured and the contrasting images it evokes. It’s somehow humorous and somehow sad. I’ve been trying to think of something intelligent to say about it, but I can only tell you that I enjoy reading it…

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