unsaying …

Did I lose you in the silence after shouting? That other night. When I drank too much. Assumed too much. Deluded self importance.

If I wasn’t quite so hopeful that you might be my last, it would be hilarious. How I push you for a sign that I am. Deeply precious. More than a distant and intriguing brainwavespark in this messed-up ether. How I could ever have seen myself as some kind of guiding light for Love when I screw up so much. Time and again. How I am so dazzled and in dream. In you.

Can I unsend the email?


3 thoughts on “unsaying …

  1. Paul says:

    I like your writing a lot. I have only just found time to have a proper look through and there are so many fantastic things in it. Life, passion, craft, exploration and you make up wordthingy’s too like me ‘brainwavespark’ and you have a lot of classical influence I can feel coming through your poems with a modernist framework or attitude. Many confluences. Hello,


    you’re very kind, Paul .. i’m guilty of a lot of unclear thinking sometimes too, it’s soooo much better when Muse just takes over … when in/confluence just flows … don’t hold back from telling me if i’ve drowned Muse in a vat of muddled ego, though … ok?

    i once got in a lot of trouble on a rather haughty poetry site for making up words AND running them together … lol



  2. forgetmenow says:

    oh wow Caroline! i may not continue this – it’s silly to run two blogs identically … i just wondered about this template .. *sigh* .. i really like it … not that i can figure out how to work anything else lol


  3. Caroline says:

    Oooooooooooh I think I’ve seen you somewhere before.

    Hi honey x



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